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In Lebanon, solid waste is a national concern. After the closure of Naameh Landfill in 2016, the country fell into a waste management crisis due to the absence of sufficient landfills. Domestic waste is still not sorted in most municipalities. Waste dumped in the environment is creating public municipalities were left, despite their scarce financial resources, with a huge load of waste to manage in a decentralized manner.

Recycling has to become a new social norm through which waste is valued and transformed into a potential resource. In order to implement waste sorting and recycling programs in our communities, we first have to implement the culture of sorting and recycling at schools are a good platform to start with.

Increasing knowledge among the youth and arming them with a feeling of responsibility is critical to the emergence of a more environmentally responsible generation. This new generation will be prepared to meet the global challenges of waste management and climate change in the region.