• Hotline: +96176704039
  • Email: redoak@redoaklb.org



Red Oak is a humanitarian, developmental and cultural non-profit organization established in Lebanon in 2017. Since its inception, Red Oak has been dedicated to promoting and implementing innovative approaches in the realm of education, mental health, and livelihoods, for the inclusion of persons with disabilities, the protection of children and the empowerment of women and girls.

Our approach stands out for its holistic and inclusive methodology, using art as a powerful catalyst for change.

Red Oak has a sister association in France.

Red Oak Association adheres to the principles of sustainable development. The red oak is the fastest-growing variety of oak. It has massive growth and impressive expanse and symbolizes strength and endurance.


We believe that passionate purpose and visionary dreaming and thinking stimulate creativity and play a key role in improving the quality of people’s lives individually, socially, and economically.