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The National Disability Equality Training

Raising awareness about Disability Equality in schools

In partnership with UNESCO Office in Beirut and in collaboration with JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency and Disability Equality Training Forum, Red Oak organized their second Disability Equality Training (DET), this time targeting the 6th-grade students (EB6) at the Saint Vincent de Paul School (Ecole Saint Vincent de Paul).

Red Oak believes that introducing the topic of Disability Equality to 11 to 12 years old children will prepare them already to become potential future civil actors as well as the voice of social inclusiveness. Rouba Ghaddar and Rana Kiwan facilitated the training to a total of 54 children who showed a great level of motivation and interest.

At the end of the sessions, the students have already started using proper keywords to describe disability and suggested some social responsibility solutions with a high level of maturity.
We share with you some of the children's feedback at the end of the DET session:

  • استمتعت وتعلمنا اشياء جديدة - I enjoyed the training and learned new things
  • فهمت كيف اتعامل مع أشخاص ذوي إعاقة - I understood how to deal with people with disability
  • اعجبتني التمارين وتعلمت المساعدة والاحترام - I liked the exercises and learned about help and respect
  • التمارين ممتازة والشرح واضح، كل شيء مفهوم، احببت كثيرًا - Exercises were excellent, explanation was clear. I like d it a lot
  • وجود تدريب مساواة الإعاقة مهم جدًا - Having the Disability Equality