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Therapeutic resources in a time of increased vulnerability, training with Fabrice Olivier Dubosc

We live in a time of increased vulnerability – the state of the world, the pandemic crisis, the economic crisis, enduring geopolitical tensions and cultural misunderstandings, the climate emergency, are the background to episodic natural or unnatural traumatic events from earthquakes to episodes of violence dislocating our sense of identity, selfhood, purpose.

The online training aimed at exploring our attitudes and opportunities in situations that compel us to innovate, reconsider our therapeutic setting and assumptions.

Some of the aspects we explored are:

  • How should we position ourselves as therapists in relation to vulnerability?
  • The difference between structural human vulnerability and socially induced  precariousness
  • The issue of violence (visible and invisible)
  • Approaches to trauma (from Post Traumatic Stress Disease to Adevristy Activated Developments)
  • Exaples of unconventional settings in times of emergency