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Blind-Friendly Market

Red Oak launched the “Red Oak Blind-Friendly Market”, the first of its kind initiative in Lebanon and the Arab region, which aims at facilitating blind and visually impaired people’s daily lives by helping them secure their purchases with ease. Three supermarkets have become “Blind-Friendly”: Bunnie (Karm el zeitoun, Beirut), Marqet (Koraitem, Beirut) and Center Sayegh (Chouf, Lebanon) and one cafe/restraurant: Square café (Karm el Zeitoun, Beirut).

21 employees from “Bunny”, “Marqet” and “Sayegh Center” received a training on how to communicate with a blind or visually-impaired person, how to accompany her, how to present the products, how to deal with the payment at the cashier, etc. The training started with a questionnaire about the misconceptions about blind people.

The trainings took place in collaboration with Youth Association for the Blinds (YAB) and Blessed school. A well-trained team is now ready to serve the visually impaired customers efficiently.

A Flash Mob Performance

During the opening of the first “Blind-Friendly Market” in Marqet, Red Oak organized a “Flash Mob” performed by a number of artists.


Concept: Nadine Abou Zaki | Director: Rouaida al Ghali Hornig | Performers: Bshara Atallah, Lama Amine, Nivine Kallas, Stephanie Estephan |Saxophone: Tom Hornig | Contrebasse: Rueidi Felder | Percussion: Daniel Balabane | Singer performer: Zeinab Mawassi.