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Doors. Please Touch

Second phase of "Doors. Please Touch" launched with the Omero Museum of Italy

Red Oak launched with the Ministry of Culture, the Italian Cultural Institute, the National Museum of Beirut, Omero Museum of Italy, and MACAM, the second phase of "Doors. Please Touch" to make museums accessible to the deaf and blind community. On day 1, Red Oak organized a workshop on inclusive educational arts activities facilitated by Andrea Socrati, responsible for accessibility at the Omero Museum of Italy. The workshop introduced methods that can be used to allow every child to learn and experience art pieces through multisensory approaches and tools. Like the tactile book, for example, that was presented as an inclusive tool at its best as it allows children with and without visual or auditory impairment to enjoy and benefit from the same book that was designed to be universal. 

The workshop was attended by members of the educational teams of various schools working with the blind and the deaf in lebanon: 

  • Lebanese School of the Blind and Deaf 
  • Learning center of the deaf
  • IRAP- Institut de Reeducation Audio-Phonetique 
  • Dar AL Aytam Al Islamiya - Aramoun 
  • Institut pere Roberts
  • Al Hadi institute for deaf, blind and learning disabilities. 
  • Blessed School 
  • Educational arts is accessible to children with and without visual or auditory impairment