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Empower Children with Skills and Abilities for a Non-Violent Communication

The Non-Violent Communication training was implemented by Red Oak in partnership with War Child Holland , LHF United Nations OCHA Lebanon. The aim of this program session was to empower children with skills and abilities to deal with aggressive or violent verbal or nonverbal confrontations.

The participants were Scout members from College De La Sagesse – Beirut and they had the opportunity to learn how to express their views, ideas, and emotions clearly and objectively as possible, using facts away from myths or subjective messages. In addition to that, they learned how to read nonverbal communication better and analyze verbal communication more effectively so that they can help others adopt a more civilized form of communication.

This session also aimed at creating empathy among participants as well as building strong bond between them since such skills are essential for peaceful dialogue between individuals who have different opinions or come from different backgrounds.