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Red Oak Performing in Paris at the occasion of the “White Night” on October 6, 2018

Red Oak Performing Troup has been invited by the Municipality of Paris to tour with a new production of "The Diary of a Mulberry Tree" at the occasion of “Nuit Blanche” on October 6-7, 2018.

"Nuit blanche" is an annual contemporary all-night art festival held since 2002 in Paris. On 6-7 October 2018, in all parts of the city, artists will be proposing installations, exhibitions, concerts performances, trails, staged scene sets and creations that explore all facets of contemporary art.

The performance is an international collaboration between the dancer and choreographer Jean-Paul Mehansio (France) and the writer and director Nadine Abou Zaki.

Inspired by the bloody events of the Lebanese civil war, the artistic idea raised by this performance is an invitation for men to break their prejudices and the artificial boundaries they created to maintain a continuous state of conflict and war. It is an invitation to go beyond their differences. Thus, the importance of the encounter between different cultures as a main message conveyed by the performance.