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The Diary of a Mulberry Tree

Red Oak Performing Troupe raises awareness about the environment in Hammana Artist House on September 15, 2018

Following the first performance in Al Madina Theater (Beirut, 2017), the “Diary of a Mulberry Tree” is coming to Hammana Artist House on September 15, 2018. Youth from the village of Hammana are invited to share the stage with amazing artists Jean-Paul Mehansio, Rouaida al Ghali and Dana Mikhael in Nadine Abou Zaki’s dance theatre performance The Diary of a Mulberry Tree | يوميّات توتة. Check page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1655441924584986/ 

The performance aims to raise awareness about environmental issues, and encourage a new generation to rethink the environment in todays digital age. It is also an invitation for men to break their prejudices and the artificial boundaries they created to maintain a continuous state of conflict and war and to go beyond resentment, by recognizing and respecting their differences.

The performance is the result of a collaboration between the Lebanese artist and writer Nadine Abou Zaki (Lebanon) and the choreographer and dancer Jean-Paul Mehansio (France). This international cooperation at the level of art should exemplify the importance of such dialogue, especially that only art is able to overcome these rigid barriers through creativity.