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The National Disability Equality Training in Lebanon

The National Disability Equality Training: towards more inclusive organizations and communities

Red Oak organized on November 5, 2021, “The National Disability Equality Training (DET) in Lebanon” in partnership with UNESCO and in collaboration with JICA - Japan International Cooperation Agency and Disability Equality Training Forum.

DET is a disability education that aims to promote understanding of disability from the Social Model perspective and facilitate proactive actions to break disabling barriers in our society. It works by challenging attitudes amongst both those with and without a disability, increasing understanding of disability issues, and highlighting what daily life is like for somebody with a disability.

During the half-day sessions, the four trainers - Rana Kiwan, Rouba Ghaddar, Ihsan Hatab, and Mohammad Al-Naccash - who attended a 3 month DET facilitating training to become accredited DET trainers, facilitated a participatory discussion among the participants to discover a new perspective on disability, i.e., social model of disability, and develop proactive actions to change their organizations and communities to be more inclusive.

Preconceptions of disability, disability discrimination, social exclusion, dealing with persons with disabilities as well as the right terminologies are some of the topics discussed while inviting the 18 participants who come from different backgrounds to think altogether of solutions.