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Doors. Please Touch 2018

“Doors. Please Touch” is a project initiated by Red Oak in partnership with the Omero Tactile National Museum of Ancona- Italy. The project aims at “leaving no one behind” by providing accessibility to museums in Lebanon for the visually handicapped through a tactile guidance system and educational inclusive activities, in addition to integrating a target group in the project execution. 

“Doors” is also an opportunity for Lebanon to be innovative at the level of art and become one of the few countries in the world to allow the experience of the tactile vision of art to everyone.

About the Omero Tactile National Museum: The idea of a museum for the visually handicapped was first put forward by the Italian Union of the Blind. It was founded in 1993 by Ancona City Council with the aid of a grant from The Marches Regional Council, and it has been a State Museum since 1999 when it was recognized by the Italian Parliament in Law no. 452 of 25th November 1999, which confirmed its unique status at a national level.

The aims of the Museum, as set out in Article 2 of that Law, are to “promote the cultural growth and integration of the visually handicapped and to widen their knowledge of reality”. However, the Museo Omero wishes to be a pleasant and productive cultural space for everyone, and offers a state of the art structure equipped with variable exhibition pathways which can be adapted to suit the specific needs of any visitor.